Why is Lindsay Lohan so obsessed with Taylor

Swift? Actress basically hijacks singer’s Instagram Live.

Taylor Swift might have been keen to get on her Instagram and chat together with her fans last night, as she released a recent single; however she has no bigger fan than Lindsay Lohan by the looks of things.

Or, no larger troll, depending on how you dissect Lindsay’s overzealous commenting on Swizzle’s video overnight.
As 29-year-old Taylor had a chat along with her band of loyal followers, 32-year-old Lindsay logged on and began leaving a swag of messages, encouraging Taylor to respond.

We don’t want to bring in a Mean girls reference (who are we kidding, yes we do) but, like, why are you so obsessed with Taylor, Lindsay?

As she began her dive for Swift, she was drowned out by a lot of other punters keen to make their voices detected in the chatter.
Keen to make sure she got a look in, Lindsay wrote: ‘Omg love you! So does my sis @alianalohan’.
And again: ‘We think you’re nice.’
Cool it, Lindsay, stop attempting to make Taysay happen.

But she really wants to make it happen, as she made reference to Taylor’s upcoming role in movie Cats!, by saying: ‘My mom was in cats’.

Not even Dina Lohan could save Lindsay, though, as the singer/actress begged for reply, as she wrote: ‘You should respond!’ before adding a ‘To your fans!’ to perhaps try to save a shred of dignity.
Taylor found herself another celebrity fan in the style of The Hills’ Spencer Pratt, who tried to talk Lindsay down.
Taking to Twitter, the reality star wrote: ‘Someone please tell Lohan settle down on Tays live like dang gurl.’

Rallying her fans to buy the 18-track album, out in August, the bad blood singer said: ‘Pre-add, pre-save, pre-order (all the pre stuff you feel like doing). Can’t wait for you to listen to this.’
The artwork for Lover, designed by photographer and artist Valheria Rocha, features a windswept Taylor against a backdrop of pale rainbow-colored clouds.

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